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In the heart of the recording studio, creativity blooms. With walls draped in soundproof magic, artists bring melodies to life. From adjusting mic angles to fine-tuning every note, it's a symphony of precision. Producers dance between mixing boards, sculpting the sonic landscape. The recording process is a captivating journey, where passion meets technology in perfect harmony.

Manley recording products crafts audio gear with a rugged soul. From tube preamps to compressors, their creations resonate power and precision. Each device, is a sonic sculptor in its own right, blending vintage warmth with modern clarity. Manley gear, where craftsmanship meets the roar of musical authenticity and is the heart of our recording chain.


Step into our world of production, where sonic dreams come to life. Immerse yourself in a space crafted for creativity, equipped with cutting-edge technology to capture and refine the heartbeat of your sound. Whether you're laying down tracks or shaping melodies, our studio is your sanctuary for musical expression and production excellence.





Our lead engineer has 20+ years of experience in the recording industry as an award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and record producer. He has numerous records and projects distributed worldwide and his approach to every project whether indie or commercial is professional and trustworthy.

His credentials in audio include an AAS Degree in Audio Recording Technology. He is  Pro Tools & Waves Certified, has served as a Live Sound Engineer at True Light Church and Movement in Houston, Texas, and has worked with various artists and major companies worldwide.


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