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How long does it take to record 1 song? Depending on how well prepared an artist is, usually vocal recording can vary between 1-2 hours. However, when it comes to a certain genre of music such as R&B and Pop that requires many vocals, that time can extend to 3-4 hours.


How many changes can I make after my song has been mixed & mastered? You have 2 free revision sessions to make changes on your mix. Any other changes needed after you’ve had your 2 revisions will be booked as studio time (example: $60/hr for any other changes) 


What is the difference between the tracked out beat and the Wav./Mp3 stereo File? The track out beat is each individual sound (such as; Kick, Snare, Bass, Pad, Keys, Horns etc). The Wav./Mp3 file is a stereo 2-Track (Left & Right) audio file, no sounds are separated and are all in the stereo audio file. 


Whats better, mixing the mp3/Wav. file or the tracked out beat with the vocals? The tracked out beat with vocals will always get the best mix and quality. The engineer has the ability to manipulate every sound to an audible standard. However, we are here to meet your budget, we provide professional recording & mixes with both options.


Whats the difference between a Mixing & Mastering? Mixing is where more of the time is taken to properly level, eq, compress, edit, and add effects to the over song. Mastering is where we take the entire Mix and enhance the over all song’s loudness and dynamics to an industry standard level for Radio, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube etc. Think of the process as if you’re baking a cake. The recording is the ingredients, the mixing is the baking, and mastering is the icing to the cake. 


What happens if I miss my session? There is a 48 hour non-refundable deadline to your payment. You can reschedule anytime before the deadline. If you miss without rescheduling on time you will have to book another session with payment in full. 


This is my first time recording, how does the process work? Very simple, you bring in the song (audio file or track outs) you want to record on (Via USB, Air Drop, or Email). I upload the song into Protools and we go over how you laid out the song (Hook, Verse, Bridge, etc.) Next, you step into the vocal room once the engineer has prepared the microphone for you and begin recording your vocals on to the music. The engineer will guide you along the way if you’re having trouble. No worries if there are any mistakes, we simply re-record those parts. if you are unable to complete the recording on a song within the time booked then we can schedule time for another day. 


(Note: If there is a song you’d like to record off Youtube, the engineer can extract the audio from the youtube clip) 


Can we smoke in the studio? There is a non-smoking policy inside the studio. However, you are welcomed to smoke outside the building. 


Can I bring drinks (alcohol included) or food in the studio? Yes, food and drinks are allowed. No to any alcohol or any illegal substances.


Can I bring my kids to the studio with me? Usually it is not a problem as long as the kids do not touch any of the equipment. We do no encourage kids, not because they are kids but because the have the tendency to distract the artist from performing. We never want to feel a client is wasting their hard earned money on studio time. The choice is up to you along with the responsibility. 


Can I bring friends with me to the studio? Best scenario to bring a friend is if they are taking a role in your recording, support, advice or as a feature on the song. We strongly discourage an entourage, it distracts the engineer from doing his job at a professional level. If you decide to bring company it is best to communicate with the engineer first. Husbands, Wives, Brother, Sister, a Best friend are welcomed. Managers and Producers are also welcomed.


Explore the Possibilities

Better Production in a Better Way

Red Slate Digital Studios

Red Slate Digital Studios, Houston’s highly-acclaimed full-service music and audio boutique recording facility. We provide many different audio recording services, including commercial voice over, music recording, mixing, mastering, and location sound. All of our services are top of the line and start at a price almost anyone can afford. For more pricing information, view our Rates.




Recording your performance in a professionally designed acoustic space with pro engineers can bring your music to the next level and ensures everything sounds good before we even begin to mix.


Using tools such as equalizers, compression, Multi-band Expansion, Limiting, Saturation, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation, we can carve out a place for each instrument and create textures.


Mastering is the final stage before duplication, it will make your music clearer, more balanced, wider, and louder, in addition to conforming to technical requirements.

Our Lead Engineer

Richard Hollis has 20+ years of experience in the recording industry as an award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and record producer. He has numerous records and projects distributed worldwide and his approach to every project whether indie or commercial is professional and trustworthy.

His credentials in audio include an AAS Degree in Audio Recording Technology. He is  Pro Tools & Waves Certified, has served as Live Sound Engineer at Movement Church in Houston, Texas, and has worked with various artists and major companies worldwide.

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Mixing & Mastering Prices

Contact us and let us walk you through the process.


Full Trackout Instrument Stems Files + Vocals


For clients who only seek professional Mixing & Mastering. This package is suitable for (1) song.

Full trackout instrument beat stem files with vocals.

  • All Include: Mixed & Mastered 

  • Song

  • Vocals

  • Performance 

  • Instrumental 

  • Additional $25 for Radio Editing

  • Please allow 2-3 (Business days) for completion.

Wav/MP3 Stereo File + Vocals


For clients who only seek professional Mixing & Mastering. This package is suitable for (1) song.

  • All Include: Mixed & Mastered 

  • Song

  • Vocals

  • Performance 

  • Instrumental 

  • Additional $25 for Radio Editing

  • Please allow 2-3 (Business days) for completion.



1 Song Master

Provide the Pre-mixed song with the sample/bit rate a minimum of 44.1k - 24 bit stereo audio file at -3 to -6 db.

Please allow 2-3 (Business days) for completion.

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